The 2017 Tax Reference Guide

The BSMG 2017 Tax Reference Guide was created specifically for financial advisors and life insurance professionals.

Back by high demand - the free two-page guide to provide you with quick access to the most referenced tax rate schedules, tax tables, standard deductions, personal exemptions and retirement plan contribution limits.

The tax guide includes:

  • Gift & Estate Tax
  • Uniform Lifetime Table
  • Single Life "Inherited" Table
  • Long Term Care Insurance Qualified Deductions
  • Retirement & Education Incentives
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Federal Income Taxes & Standard Deductions

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The 2017 Tax Guide contains applicable numbers for the tax year 2017 – in other words, effective January 1, 2017. They are NOT the numbers and rates used to prepare 2016 tax returns in 2016 (if you’re looking for those, you’ll find them here). These numbers and rates are those you’ll use to prepare and plan for 2016 tax returns in 2017.